Call Flow Manager 1.8 Release Notes

Installation Notes

  • To download the latest version, login to The UC Guys website and visit the “My Account” section
  • Unzip downloaded file to a location of your choice
  • If you currently have a licence and want to save the time re-entering this information, copy over the “Config.dat” file from your existing installation. You may still be asked to re-validate, however the information should be pre-populated
  • Important: The configuration file (CallFlowManager.UI.exe.config) has been changed so ensure you do not use your old one. The default settings usually suit most, but you can update the settings file post upgrade if required

New & Changed Features

  • The start-up licence check now defaults to HTTP. This is due to our licence server enforcing TLS1.2 with strong ciphers – this change occurred without warning from our host, and as a result we were forced in to rushing this fix. Learn more about this issue here. Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 will support these strong encryption standards by default. If you want to continue to use HTTPS, this can be configured in the settings file –  <add key=”UseSslForLicenceCheck” value=”true” />
  • Significant changes have been made to the way Call Flow Manager collects and processes data via PowerShell. We hope that this improves load times in large environments and would appreciate any feedback on this
  • Licence deactivation is now available from the top right on all tabs
  • Refresh All function added so that all Response Group related tabs can be refreshed with one click. This feature is available from the new refresh button on the top right of all tabs
  • Only one tab at a time can be loaded. When any tab is loading, all other tabs will be locked for save/update etc
  • For performance reasons, loading of the Numbers and Health Check tabs is disabled when any other tabs are loading

Bug Fixes

  • Reports of the UI freezing have been investigated and a potential fix implemented. Because this issue is often intermittent it is hard for us to fully test, and we would appreciate any feedback if you have seen this issue, and whether this version resolves the issue
  • Resolved issues with global search
  • Bulk import holidays  – Fixed errors caused by blank CSV lines and added support for local date formats
  • Workflows with a LineURI containing ;ext= is now supported
  • SIP addresses where “SIP” is capitalised will now match for selection
  • CsMeetingRoom’s are now included in the Numbers tab
  • The item selection drop down is now disabled when loading. Previously you could change the selection during tab load, however on completion of load, that selection was reverted
  • After an item is deleted it is now cleared from the selection
  • General improvements to logging and error handling

Known Issues

  • When there are large number ranges the Numbers tab can appear unresponsive post load while the UI renders
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