We build software, scripts and other productivity tools targeted at improving deployment and management efficiency for the Microsoft product stack. Our primary focus is Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync), and the surrounding Unified Communications ecosystem. Best of all, our software and solutions are reasonably priced, and in many cases absolutely free!!!

Our Software

call-flow-manager-designerCall Flow Manager for Skype for Business and Lync makes creating and managing Response Groups easy! No more bouncing between interfaces to configure a simple call flow. Call Flow Manager brings all the functionality of the Response Group service in to a single user interface – easily manage Workflows, Queues, Groups, Business Hours and Holidays. Workflow management has been extended to support easy switching between IVR and simple call queuing modes, with IVR support for 10 options 2 levels deep. Further to this Call Flow Manager provides phone number management, so you can easily see where numbers are assigned and to who, as well as numbers not assigned and available.


Feature Summary

  • Complete management of Lync and Skype for Business Response Groups from a single interface – goodbye to the 3 interfaces currently required to fully manage Response Groups!
  • Simplified user interface you’ll learn in minutes
  • Fast and quick to navigate
  • Uses supported PowerShell commands to view and make changes

Enhancements over native management tools

  • Support for greater Response Group IVR depth – 10 IVR options (0-9) two levels deep allow you to mange more than the 4 IVR options currently available in Lync and Skype for Business
  • Switch between hunt group and IVR mode at the flick of a switch
  • Clone existing Workflows, Queues, Groups, Business Hours and Holidays
  • Management of business hour and holiday groups
  • Phone number inventory allows you to quickly view and search for assigned and unassigned numbers
  • Health check provides a list of potential issues with your Response Group deployment, and potential actions

UC Monitor is a free monitoring and alerting solution for Skype for Business (Lync) Unified Communications solutions. The key goal is to make monitoring easy; on startup UC Monitor reads the Skype for Business topology, and automatically starts monitoring key system health indicators such as certificate validity, event log and services. UC Monitor is also capable of monitoring SNMP devices such Sonus SBC1000/2000 Session Border Controllers.


Currently the product is in beta and we’ll be enhancing and adding new monitors. If you have any ideas we look forward to your feedback.

Key Features

  • Reads the Skype for Business Topology to automate monitor discovery
  • Monitor Topology replication
  • Monitor Windows Services by name or wildcard
  • Monitor Windows Event log and filter by include/exclude lists
  • Automatically monitor certificates assigned to Skype for Business roles or manually add certificates by thumbprint
  • Monitor CPU
  • Monitor SNMP traps and filter by include/exclude lists – tested on Sonus SBC1k2k
  • Monitor ICMP Ping
  • Monitor ICMP Response Time
  • Runs as a Windows Service or in Console mode
  • Email alerts

Coming Soon

  • Active Alarms view
  • New monitors:
    • RAM
    • Disk Space
    • Lync/SfB backup
  • Also taking feature requests 🙂

Ever wanted to delegate a very specific task to a user? Now you can with Script Delegator! If you can script it, then Script Delegator can help you manage who has access to run it.

Script Delegator is a web application that users can login to, and see and run only the scripts that have been delegated to them by administrators. Users can simply click run, and the script will be executed via an agent running on a server where it should be executed.

Even better, Script Delegator is free – download today!