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Call Flow Manager for Skype for Business and Lync makes creating and managing Response Groups easy! No more bouncing between interfaces to configure a simple call flow. Call Flow Manager brings all the functionality of the Response Group service in to a single user interface – easily manage Workflows, Queues, Groups, Business Hours and Holidays. Workflow management has been extended to support easy switching between IVR and simple call queuing modes, with IVR support for 10 options 2 levels deep. Further to this Call Flow Manager provides phone number management, so you can easily see where numbers are assigned and to who, as well as numbers not assigned and available.


Key Features

  • Complete management of Lync and Skype for Business Response Groups from a single interface – goodbye to the 3 interfaces currently required to fully manage Response Groups!
  • Simplified user interface you’ll learn in minutes
  • Fast and quick to navigate
  • Uses supported PowerShell commands to view and make changes

Enhancements over native management tools

  • Support for greater Response Group IVR depth – 10 IVR options (0-9) two levels deep allow you to mange more than the 4 IVR options currently available in Lync and Skype for Business
  • Switch between hunt group and IVR mode at the flick of a switch
  • Clone existing Workflows, Queues, Groups, Business Hours and Holidays
  • Management of business hour and holiday groups
  • Phone number inventory allows you to quickly view and search for assigned and unassigned numbers
  • Health check provides a list of potential issues with your Response Group deployment, and potential actions

Call Flow Designer

The Call Flow Designer allows you to control all aspects of your Skype for Business Workflow, including comprehensive IVR management.


Quickly and easily manage your Skype for Business queues.


Quickly and easily manage your Skype for Business groups.


Find where your phone numbers have been assigned, and those unassigned available for use.

Business Hours

Manage business hour groups without having to open a PowerShell console.



Manage holiday groups without having to open a PowerShell console. You can also bulk add holidays using CSV file import.


  • Supported for Lync 2013 or Skype for Business 2015
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
  • Lync/SfB Administrative Tools
  • Install the “Local Configuration Store” – this is step 1 of the Lync/SfB deployment wizard. Querying Response Group information requires this component to be installed
  • Outbound internet access on port 443 to https://theucguys.com and support for TLS1.2
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1024×768
  • You may need to Run as administrator to ensure all feature work as expected

Call Flow Manager has the following purchase options:

  • One off purchase of US$99 for single activation or US$139 for four activations; each activation can be used on a single computer
  • Free online support
  • Free for Microsoft Skype for Business MVP’s – register here

Try Call Flow Manager today!

Try our risk free 30-day trial today, and save yourself some serious time managing Lync and Skype for Business Response Groups.

How can I can advantage of the beta testers discount?

Anyone who tries Call Flow Manager during the beta period has the opportunity to receive a discount of 50%. All you need to do is use our Support Forums 3 times or more to tell us about any issues or feedback you have. Once Call Flow Manager is released, simply get in touch providing your The UC Guys username, and we will provide you a discount coupon.

How many times can I activate my software?

The number of times Call Flow Manager can be activated depends on the licence which you have purchased. Activation’s can be managed and removed from the My Account area. If you have any activation issues, or need to move a licence please get in touch with support.

How do I take advantage of the free for MVP offer?

A free Call Flow Manager licence is available for Microsoft MVP’s. To take advantage of this offer please complete the online form here.

You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • The link to your MVP profile

To learn how to use Call Flow Manager please see our Knowledge Base page here.