Installing UC Monitor

UC Monitor can be installed and run as a Windows Service. Alternatively, it can be run in Console mode by running UCMonitor.exe as an administrator. Continue reading this guide to learn how to install as a Windows Service.


Firstly a special thanks to the team at Advanced Installer who provide their product for use on free non-commercial products. They just made your job a lot easier!

Download and unzip the package. Run the installer (UCMonitor.exe):

Select “Next” at the welcome page:

Choose an installation location then select “Next”:

Enter an account to run the service as, then select “Next”. This should be a dedicated service account with the appropriate permissions:

At the Ready to Install page select “Install”:

At the completion of the installation select “Finish”:



As there is currently no admin interface, you will need to confirm that the service is running and without errors. Firstly check the Windows Service is running:

Secondly open the trace log file (LogTrace.clg) located in the install directory in the logs folder:

Confirm that monitors are being checked and there are no errors. You should see an output similar to the following depending on your settings:


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