Installing Script Delegator

This guide will take you through the process of installing Script Delegator.

Script Delegator is made up of 2 components:

  • Script Delegator Web Portal – User and management interface
  • Script Delegator Agent – Agent service which executes commands issued from the web portal

The Web Portal and Agent components can be installed separately or on the same server.


Script Delegator Web Portal

  • .Net Framework 4.6.2+
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Script Delegator Agent

  • .Net Framework 4.5.2+
  • PowerShell 3+

Pre-installation Tasks

Create the following Active Directory security groups:

  • ScriptDelegatorUsers – add members who will have access to run assigned scripts
  • ScriptDelegatorAdmin – add members who will be able to add and manage scripts and users


Firstly a special thanks to the team at Advanced Installer who provide their product for use on free non-commercial products. They just made your job a lot easier!

Download and extract the package, then run ScriptDelegator.exe and follow the installation wizard.

Choose the components you wish to install:

Enter the service account details you would like Script Delegator to run under. This should be a dedicated service account with the appropriate permissions:

Enter the SQL server that will host the Script Delegator Web Portal, and the database name to create:

Enter the Active Directory domain FQDN:

Enter the agent address and port to listen on. The agent address should be the server where the Agent is to be installed:

Enter the hostname and ports for the Web Portal, then select “Next”. Make sure the hostname is resolvable in DNS:

You are now ready to install the application, select “Install”:

At the completion of the installation select “Finish”. The Web Portal should now be accessible on the hostname specified during installation, and you should desktop shortcut:


Post Installation Tasks

User Guides

Learn more about how to use Script Delegator here.

SSL Security

If you would like to browse to the Web Portal using SSL, a certificate needs to be added to the IIS website. Open IIS and locate the “ScriptDelegatorWeb” web site. Right click and select “Edit Bindings”:

Configure the SSL bindings:

  • Select HTTPS
  • Choose a port (typically 443)
  • Assign a pre-installed certificate that includes the host name


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