Call Flow Manager 1.5 Release Notes

Installation Notes

  • To download the latest version, login to The UC Guys website and visit the “My Account” section
  • Unzip downloaded file to a location of your choice
  • If you currently have a licence and want to save the time re-entering this information, copy over the “Config.dat” file from your existing installation. You may still be asked to re-validate, however the information should be pre-populated
  • Note that beta licences have a 60 day life. If you find that your licence is no longer valid, either purchase a licence through the online shop or download a free 30-day trial

New Features

  • Drop down selection boxes now support search
  • Search and select multiple Group Agents
  • Improved the application windows scaling when changing its size
  • New “Health” tab reports on potential issues within your Response Group deployment e.g;
    • Queues that have no groups
    • Groups that have no users or users that no longer exist
    • Referenced SIP addresses that are external
    • Deactivated Workflows
    • and more!
  • When deleting an item, a check is now performed to notify you if it is currently in use e.g;
    • Deleting a Workflow that is referenced by another Workflow or Queue overflow or timeout
    • Deleting Queues that are referenced Workflows or other Queues
    • Business Hours or Holidays referenced by Workflows
    • and more!

Bug Fixes

  • Audio file selector now defaults to WAV and WMA
  • Pool can no longer be changed once saved
  • Resolved duplicate users being populated after refreshing
  • And many other minor fixes!

Known Issues

  • You can only select one Holiday per Workflow on the Designer tab – Holidays should be managed from the Holidays tab rather than assigning multiple Holiday Groups. This will be resolved in a later version to support compatibility with the native management tools
  • The application may become unstable when left open for extended periods of time


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