Call Flow Manager 1.4 Release Notes

Installation Notes

  • To download the latest version, login to The UC Guys website and visit the “My Account” section
  • Unzip downloaded file to a location of your choice
  • If you currently have a licence and want to save the time re-entering this information, copy over the “Config.dat” file from your existing installation. You may still be asked to re-validate, however the information should be pre-populated
  • The current beta licence expires every 60 days. If you find that your licence is no longer valid, either purchase another copy through the online shop at no cost, or get in touch so we can extend your existing licence;
  • Likewise, If you have purchased a free 30-day trial and it has since expired

New Features

  • You can now copy/clone existing Workflows, Queues, Groups, Business Hours and Holidays
  • The Business Hours and Holidays tabs have been redesigned to be more consistent with the other tabs
  • On the Designer tab you can now search for Workflows in the drop down selector – this feature will be replicated to all other tabs in the next release
  • You can now select and add multiple users/agents to a Group
  • On start up Call Flow Manager now checks for pre-requisites and notifies which items are not met
  • On start up Call Flow Manager now checks whether it is running as admin, and if not, asks the user if they would like to restart as an admin
  • Input validation improvements for all tabs
  • Agent Groups now update on the Queues tab when Groups are updated

Bug Fixes

  • IVR Options now support * and # as DTMF inputs
  • Validation fixes to all tabs
  • Audio file selector now defaults to .WAV and .WMA
  • Selected audio files may not upload successfully
  • Pools can no longer be changed on existing items
  • When a Queue is selected for Overflow or Timeout, the item doesn’t save
  • Queue Overflow and Timeout minimum and maximum values corrected
  • Group alert time inconsistent
  • Call Flow Designer can now remove a Number (LineUri)
  • Queue description now saves
  • The main window can now be maximised
  • When refreshing, the previously selected item is re-selected
  • Items can now be saved with the same name as long as they are homed to a unique Pool
  • Numbers search is now working
  • And many other minor fixes!

Known Issues

  • The new Groups Agent multi-select drop down needs to be closed before you can add the selected Agents
  • When activiating a new licence, the licence window doesnt close, resulting in the application not starting. To work around this, after the status message reports activation successful, exit and restart the application
  • Launching without running as admin may cause the application to crash
  • in some instances the “Route calls based on distribution group” and Route calls to the following agents” can be in the same ON/OFF state
  • If you attempt to delete a Response Group item that has dependencies, it will fail with an error message to this effect. To work around this, you will first need to remove the item dependencies. This will be resolved in the next release
  • You can only select one Holiday per Workflow on the Designer tab – Holidays should be managed from the Holidays tab rather than assigning multiple Holiday Groups. This will be resolved in a later version to support compatibility with the native management tools

Special thanks to Greig Sheridan, We’ve lost count how many bugs and suggestions he has put forward!

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