Call Flow Manager 1.3 Release Notes

Installation Notes

  • To download the latest version, login to The UC Guys website and visit the “My Account” section
  • Unzip downloaded file to location of your choice
  • If you currently have a licence and want to save the time re-entering this information, copy over the “Config.dat” file from your existing installation. You may still be asked to re-validate, however the information should be pre-populated

Important Notes

  • It is not yet apparent in the user interface, however you need to select a Pool before you can select items from Queue, Group, Business Hour and Holiday dropdown menus. This is because only can only select an item from the same pool as the item you are creating/editing. This will be made more obvious in the next release
  • The Users tab is currently an Alpha release and will be improved once the core Call Flow Management tabs are completed

New Features

  • Improved layout on the designer tab
  • Added a search feature to all tabs for quick lookup of Workflows, Queues, Numbers and Users
  • Date and time selections now have better default values e.g. current time
  • It is now possible to delete Workflows (Designer), Queues, Groups, Business Hours and Holiday groups
  • Input validation improvements added to Queues, Groups, Business Hours and Holiday groups
  • Support for proxy servers when validating licence – proxy servers with no authentication, or authentication using the logged on users credentials is supported. Support for entering custom credentials will come in a later version
  • Added application icon to make it more easily identifiable

Bug Fixes

  • Dates now reflect system settings
  • Agents groups no longer allows the selection of non-EV enabled users
  • Save now checks to ensure an item is selected before proceeding
  • Some time zones were causing issues when saving, this should now be resolved
  • Application crashes during licence validation if an internet connection is not available. Connectivity is now checked before proceeding
  • Queues, Groups, Business Hours and Holiday Groups were selectable outside of the current items pool. Items are now filtered so that you can only select another item belonging to the same pool
  • Update doesn’t work for edited items where the input control still has focus
  • Numbers were duplicating on refresh
  • Resolved an issue with Business Hours not refreshing
  • Queue Save now handles destinations  with or without a sip: prefix
  • Time zone and audio file names no longer push the main window size out
  • Business Hours Group Pool was not being saved
  • Queue Refresh now updates timeout and overflow queue dropdown selectors

Known Issues

  • Some input validations may be incorrect, however you will still be able to save
  • IVR mode allows more than 10 IVR options. If you add more than 10, it will fail to save; SfB/Lync supports 0-9 as DTMF inputs
  • Launching without running as admin may cause the application to crash
  • If you add a new agent group, the queue group selector does not update unless you re-select the pool, or refresh queues
  • in some instances the “Route calls based on distribution group” and Route calls to the following agents” can be in the same ON/OFF state
  • If you add a Holiday Group with no Holidays in it, it will appear to save without warning, however it will not be saved
  • Holidays/BusHours Clear command, removes current groups and holidays rather than the configurable items only
  • Group Save reports error when Description is empty
  • Numbers search not working
  • Queue Overflow and Timeout values may not be correctly reflected – monitoring

Special thanks to Greig Sheridan, We’ve lost count how many bugs and suggestions he has put forward!

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